Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shirokiya at CHIJMES

Embracing the concept of 美食料理(food that promotes beauty) , Shirokiya serves up standard Japanese dishes like most izakayas, but with a healthy twist. For instance, the Shio Koji (salted rice malt) dressing imparts flavors sufficiently to the Cold Tofu ($8.89), so you doesn't really need to resort to the red miso paste at the side.

It is heartening to know that Hydraluronic acid jelly--a key to soft supple skin, is tossed into the citrusy Avocado and Seafood salad ($20.80), but it can do with more of such good stuff. I liked the crab mayonnaise and scallops but not the raw salmon as it was not very fresh.

The Bonito Fish Cooked in Hay Straw ($14), reminded me of the Smoked Tataki dish from Shikoku prefecture, but it lacked the smoky accents from charcoal fire and was not very fresh.  
Thankfully, the Boiled Pressed Mackerel ($15.80) did not suffer from fishy-ness but the grains might need a bit more vinegar to bind the flavours.
I love crunchy chicken wings but these Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings ($18.80) were overly done such that the meat became sorely dry. A great pity because the sweet marinade pepped up with white pepper deserved a thumbs-up.
The Kurobuta Shabu Shabu ($38.80 for 2-3 pax) also boasts some beauty benefits with the addition of collagen into the chicken soup. Though no MSG is claimed to be used in Shirokiya, I found the soup slightly too salty. It might be good to know that the soy ingredients of the desserts such as warabi mocha $7.80 shown here or soy milk pudding, come from our local Mr Bean. Though I was rather disillusioned by the overall experience, perhaps the potential lies in other dishes, given the diversity of the menu which you can check out here. 
Shirokiya Chjimes
30 Victoria Street #01-05/06 CHIJMES Singapore 187996
10am-11pm (Sun-Thu/Public Holidays)
10am-1am (Fri/Sat/PH Eve)

Special thanks to Adeline and Reka for the invite

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