Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Sweets: Patisserie Noliette フランス菓子店 ノリエット

It's the weekends...time for sweets.
I've tried the most number of cakes from Patisserie Noliette, which retails its cakes only at Takashimaya Shinjuku besides its main shop in the suburbs. Noliette has been my to-go place for excellent and reliable pastries. And yes, everything shown here is eaten by yours truly alone, as always ;) No sharing please 
Sangria Verine ヴェリーヌ サングリ
Savarin soaked in sangria and hidden in the vanilla cream, sangria jelly, orange Gelee and topped with sangria sauce.
Pistachio Mousse & Bitter Chocolate Mousse Feuilettine

Verrine Fresher ヴェリーヌ フレッシュ
Just like the name, this Verrine exhilarates the palate with a pleasurable jasmine mousse, tangy lemon compote, and sweet white chocolate base. 
Papiyon パピヨン
So far one of the most interesting opera cake encountered. Sakura leaf sponge Red Bean buttercream and yuzu ganache very Japanese style 

Puits D'amour ピュイダムール
It looked like a brain with crackly veins but this was UNLIKE any other kind of chiboust.

It set me into a moment of panic as I never expected this chiboust to flow out so much red liquid! The mountain of sweet custard that is counterbalanced with white-wine infused red fruits, fit perfectly within the crunchy pie. 

Verrine Exotique
Savarin soaked in passionfruit syrup, orange mousse, mango orange jam, lychee milk chocolate

Chocolate Noel Tart *signature*
Sable Base, Almond Cream, Bitter Chocolate

Epilogue エピローグ
The combination of spices and figs reminded me of christmas.

Both the rum-soaked raisins and spices in the chocolate mousse was highly accented, making it a very apt cake to pair with some wine, if only the chef could tweak the wearied dacquoise sheet at the bottom. 

Probably the most delicious one was this Cafe Caramel Tart that is shaped like a Buche De Noel. Stunning caramel glaze with golden crunchy nuts around weighty amount of coffee and milk chocolate mousse. The base tart is an unquestionably accomplished example of a classic praline walnut tart.
This is Part 4 of the Takashimaya Patisserie Series.
Part 1 Rue De Passy
Part 2 Region
Part 3 Ma Priere

Patisserie Noliette フランス菓子店 ノリエット
Branch: Shinjuku Takashimaya Basement
Access: Shinjuku Station
Main Outlet: Tokyo 156-0044 Setagaya-ku, Akatsutsumi, 4 Chome−40−7 Greenville 1F
Daily 9am-7pm (Closed on WED)
Access: Shimotakaido Station


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