Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sapori D Italia : Taste of Italy in Bishan

I was excited to learn that there is some cheap and good Italian food right in the heartlands of Bishan. Opened by two young hawker-prenurs, this place in a quiet coffee shop serves salads, pastas, side dishes such as truffle fries, mains, desserts. For an average spending of $10 per head, it's great value. 

There's not 1, but 3 fish dishes here. I prefer the Grilled Seabass ($8.90) instead of the Creamy Fish ($5.90) because the Seabass is crispy with a clean taste while the latter seems too wet and groggy. It says "Battered dory" but least did I expect the fish to be covered in a blanket of omelette, rather "unique" way of preparing the fish. I found the sauce is overly salty even though it says "NO MSG". The prawn pasta was not too exciting and the sauce which collected at the base was slightly watery.
The best dish and a must-try is the Pork Picatto ($8.90) which is superbly tender and flavorful for a pork loin. Everything was pretty good until it came to the Rib-eye steak that was slightly overdone. And was that red wine sauce or mushroom sauce? A huge pity because the steak was also the most expensive dish at $19.90. The sautéed potatoes that appeared on every main except for the pasta, were a tough nut to crack (The Folks said the wrong type of potatoes were used). And the sodium input seriously needs to be reduced. 

Creamy Fish ($5.90) 
Grilled Seabass ($8.90)
Wild Seabass with diced sautéed potatoes and balsamic reduction topped with mixed salad and diced grapefruits 
Prawn Pasta ($9.90) 

Pan-Fried Rib Eye Steak with sautéed spinach and red wine sauce ($19.90) 

Pork picatto ($8.90)
Pork Loin battered in Parmesan and Egg with Black Pepper Sauce. 
Sautéed Spinach with Garlic ($3.50). Fragrant but too salty.
Sapori D Italia Singapore
Bishan Street 12, Block 112, Singapore, 570112.
Tues-Sun 11.45am-3pm , 5.45pm-9pm

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