Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lindt Chocolate Cafe Japan: Chocolate Obsession

I never knew I could get so obsessed with Lindt chocolates until I came to Tokyo. I regret not trying any of the exquisite plated desserts at the Lindt cafes (will save them for my next visit!) but am contented to have tackled some of the cakes, ice cream, and chocolate truffles.

The Montreux (¥756) is a tri-layer piece with vanilla mascarpone and caramel mousse riding on top of a pecan brownieThe St. Monritz (¥756) is a white-milk-dark chocolate mousse cake on an almond dacquoise base.

St. Monritz (¥756)
Despite the reputed brand name, these cakes weren't as satisfactory as other chocolate creations from local patisseries. For this price range, I would rather head to Jean Paul Hevin.

However, this is with the exception of the Chocolate Orange Galette De Rois that came out during the New Year season. 

Instead of the cakes, I recommend the parfait "Lindt Chocolate Glaciel Liegeos" (¥780), a dreamy concoction of 70% dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, almond Nougatine, vanilla Chantilly cream, crunchy Hazelnut croustillant. 
Unless you have a high threshold for sugar or milkshake, you might find it excruciating to empty the matcha chocolate milkshake that is very rich and sweet like the godiva version.

Because their matcha macaron was my best macaron for 2014, I had the Sakura version when it was released for a limited period.  
Lindt Baton Stick with Alcohol **Recommended!
Champgne De Marc Truffle
Caramel Truffle & Kopi
The retail sections offers some special flavours of chocolate tablets and truffles that are available only in Japan. So don't forget to grab a couple to stock up your chocolate pantry. 
Lindt Chocolate リンツ ショコラ カフェ
Ginza Outlet: 7 Chome-6-12 Ginza Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Shibuya Outlet: 1 Chome-25-6 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Other outlets and opening hours here


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