Monday, September 29, 2014

Les Patisseries Toa Payoh

Opened by three young culinary graduates, Les Patisserie may be "another cafe in the hoods" but not quite so because it churns out some fine French pastries which caught my curiosity. Very much so since there is a scarcity of good ones in SG. 
Dulcey Hazelnut $7
I selfishly wished that the people could just focus on pastries and execute them well. But perhaps diversifying into savoury brunches, light pasta meals and coffee is also part of their survival strategy. Trying to be as fair as possible (though it's still impossible la), I went twice and tasted everything except for the Fraiser, Tarte Au Citron and Tarte Tartin.

Is this Rocky or Softy?
L'Rocky ($7) created a false illusion of a sophisticated multi-textured gateau when it was simply a chocolate mousse-sponge coated with chocolate ganache. What could be an unadulterated chocolate experience was tainted by the rancid nuts and some compressed honeyed almond chips that failed to impart any exciting crunch. Same goes for the Chocolate macaron ($2.50/pc). It looked pretty but the meringue shells seemed to be subjected under much tension. Too chewy. 

I would be heavily condemned for trivializing the original inventor of the Plaisir because this is quite a faithful and successful reproduction of almond jaconde, vanilla Bavarian cream and chocolate mousse. Treading a safe and cautious path, the Plaisir could etch out a sharper character if the Pate a Bomb was torched longer for a more brilliantly golden caramelized sheen.
But to my great relief, I managed to find the Creme of the crop here-Dulcey Hazelnut $7. Like the buttery sweetness of melted Valhorna Blonde, there is a sublime overload of gooey milk jam, accented marvellously by the under layer of nutty nibbling and crunchy tart shell. Don't say I didn't warn you about the sweetness. But it's truly a revelation of the senses.
(Updates: the original tart shell has changed to chocolate shell on my most recent visit)
I can't appreciate coffee but I do love my Opera. The alternating layers of smooth, robust coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache worked in synchrony, triggering relapse of haunting and bitter melancholy. 
The pastries that I had on my 2nd visit fared much better, though the Salted Caramel macaron is still too chewy. The stretchy innards of the Croissant ($2.80) has a delectable saltiness which most croissants lacked, but it is still not the best in town.
If you are a fan of mango, then I'm quite sure you'll like the Mango Mousse Cake. Yes, the components were too prosaic but the silky texture of the mousse was noteworthy. Best of all, the chefs got the right sweetness. 
This mountain-lookalike Italian classic consists of two biscuit sponges layered with mascarpone cream. Texture works but not the java flavour as the espresso and coffee liquor were too weak. 
Forest Berry $6.50
Not a novelty, but alas something that is quite rarely spotted here. Crunchy, lightly salted Sable Base topped with berries and piped with Creme patisserie. Together with the Dulcey Hazelnut Tart, this gave me the hope that Les Patisserie has the potential to create more promising pastries, if they can break out of the saturated zone. 

Price Range: Reasonable 
$5.50-$8.50 for petit cakes
$2.50 / macaron
$2.80 for plain croissant
Les Patisseries
Blk 186, Toa Payoh Central #01-428
Singapore 310186
10am-10pm Daily

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