Sunday, August 31, 2014

Totoro Cafe : Shiro-hige's Cream Puff Factory

白髭のシュークリーム工房 is the only official Ghibli cafe that retails Totoro Choux cream puffs. The location used to be a hassle for me but now it only takes 12 minutes by Odakyu Line from Shinjuku to reach Setagaya Daita.
It's very hidden in the residential area but not difficult to access from the station if you follow the map closely. There is an average of four flavours everyday and I am glad they tasted a lot better than most character food like Pokémon.
 Original vanilla bean custard
Matcha with Black Beans (A seasonal flavour from April-October) A must try because the matcha taste is excellent
Peach Cream with fresh cut peaches

Eat-in is available on 2nd floor but it is compulsory to order a drink. Alternatively, it can be ordered as a set with the lunch or dinner meals. Take-away on 1st floor.

Totoro Café 白髭のシュークリーム工房
Tokyo, Setagaya Ku, Daita 5-3-1
10.30am-7pm daily except Tues
Access: Take Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station to Setagaya daita Station

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