Sunday, August 24, 2014

Patisserie QBG パティスリーQBG : Honey Bee and Maple


Welcome to the world of honey bee and maple forest. Unlike other patisseries that dish out an assortment of petit gateux, Patisserie QBG specialises in cakes and pastries that contain Maple and Honey. 
For instance, this Nougat Alberta is a twist on the classic French sweet Nougat Montelimar, essentially a long, soft and chewy block of nougat (egg whites beaten with syrup and added with lots of dry fruits and nuts later). Australia and Italy aren't the only places for nougats as Montelimar located in the Rhone Alps region of France is also famous for nougats and hence the name Nougat Montelimar
Back to this gateau, it is an amazing feat for the chef to sandwich the nougat mousse filled with honey custard on between two thin but moist sponge rounds. It's admittedly very sweet but doesn't matter since it's made with natural and premium honey retailed by the parent company.  
Patisserie Q.B.G is part of the 83-year old Q.B.G aka Queen Bee Garden company that is renowned for their honey and maple products. Thus, besides honey, maple can be found in this Cappucino, that is similar to the real java in terms of the design.
Below the whipped cream is coffee mousse, mascarpone mousse and maple crumbles. This chocolate shell, despite being an Easter-egg copycat, blew my mind with the artisan craftsmanship and yes, the nutty sweet nibblings at the base. 
The Chef behind Patisserie QBG is Gunma-born Takahiro Sato. He swept the prestigious Andre Lecomte Cup for the Paris Brest Creation in 2012.
I knew I should be firm and stick to the honey and maple products but I didn't want to turn into Winnie the Pooh. So I had the Pistachio Cherry Groittine
Yeah, some might find this rather predictable. What else is there except pistachio cream, liquor soaked cherries, chocolate mousse and sponge? Yet this redefined the conventions by tweaking the texture of the chocolate base and the pistachio cream. 

To put it more precisely, I would add butter to the list since butter is a key ingredient. So Maple, Honey and Butter......a trio of  ingredients which coexist in the same sphere just like coffee, chocolate and caramel. If a patissier can fully understand these three ingredients well and churn them into pastries, the cakes will easily win the hearts of pastry aficionados. 
I'm pretty sure this can apply to Patissier Q.G.B
Patisserie QBG パティスリーQBG
Ecute Shinagawa
Access: Inside JR Yamanote Line Shinagawa Station
Mon-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun/PH 8am-8.30pm

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