Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kagetsudo Asakusa 花月堂: Jumbo Melon Pan

This is a tiny wagashi shop located just right in front of Asakusa Temple was built shortly after the end of WW2. Stepping into this place feels like diving into Tokyo's past with the retro Showa interior.  

This place shot to fame with its Jumbo Melon Pan. It's truly one huge melon pan of its own kind.

Left to rise for 3 hours (thrice as long as an average bread that takes 60-90min), the dough is baked on low temperature to produce a crusty outside and soft interior.It is a simple and fragrant melon pan is not too sweet. But I don't think there is anything special that warrants a queue. 
In fact, it also sells traditional Japanese sweets and soba. I went for the most popular item-Matcha Soft Serve Kinako Shiratama (¥700).
The matcha dango was exceedingly soft but the soft serve was rather too sweet. Fortunately there was the savoury pickled Sakura flower to pull everything back into shape.
For those who like soft serve, this place serves all kinds of flavour. They do double flavours in a cone as well (but not yet triple or more) so I had the matcha and black sesame. It's my first time seeing so many flavours offered at a single location. The place seemed to be doing good business with the kaki-gori takeaway during summer too.
Wall of fame...all the various stars and politicians who came to this shop before...but I can barely name anyone haha
I don't like to dine in this place because it feels all too gimmicky and swamped with tourists. But I wouldn't mind to try a couple of new flavours for the soft-serve because they are really tasty.
Kagetsudo Asakusa 花月堂
9am-5pm Daily
Taito-ku Asakusa 2-2-10, Tokyo


  1. Hi, would you mind sharing how to go there from the closest station? Thanks.

    1. u can walk from asakusa station, as I have written on top, it is "right in front of Asakusa Temple" . There is direction from the station to asakusa temple so i doubt u will get lost. hope this helps

  2. I think many of the shops near Asakusa temple are quite gimmicky but the soft serve looks very nice, hope to try it next time.


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