Sunday, July 6, 2014

WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY : National Breakfast, Tokyo-style

This is an all-day breakfast house located in a corner of Gaienmae and within walking distance from Omotesando Hills/Meiji-jingu Mae station. Not pancakes, not egg Benedicts, but strictly "international breakfast". Going "International" means that it features the breakfast plate of a country for every two months. And for May and June, it has hopped onto the bandwagon selling Brazil Breakfast (¥1500) 

Dummy Guide to Brazil Breakfast

That's the reason I was here.  The main dish is café da manhã ('morning coffee'), complete with a sandwich called pao frances, a papaya fruit that is meant to be dipped in the white passionfruit sauce, mochi-mochi like pão de queijo cheese buns, coconut cornbread cake as sweets.
Notice the two red and white triangular stuff at the side?The red slab is guava paste (goiabada) while the white slab is Mina's Cheese. They are usually eaten together and known as "Romeo and Juliet" in Brazil. 
The Palmits Salad (¥800), a Brazilian favourite that is made with olives, Beetroot, tomatoes, honey, Basalmic vinegar. I can't determine the authenticity of this salad is but it was definitely tasty and awakened our taste buds before we had the main courses.

Besides the rotating national plate, there is a fixed regular menu of English breakfast (¥1500) and muesli (¥1000), which we all ordered since there was no other possible choices. 

While the food made fresh from the open kitchen is homely and decent, I must confessed that they are overpriced. The service was extremely slow and lacking, though the two young ladies (one was cooking, and the other was serving customers) whom I presumed are the owners of the cafe,  are clearly aware of the problem. 
café da manhã (Brazil 'morning coffee')
The cafe is extremely small, with only one long communal table of about 12 seats. Plus with the shortage of manpower, you can imagine how long it takes for them to serve one customer. The idea of the world's breakfast sounds novel but I'm not convinced with the overall lacklustre experience.
Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 3 Chome−1-23
Nearest Station: Gaienmae Station / Omotesando Station
Hours 7.30am-7.30pm (Fri-Sun until 9pm)

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