Monday, July 21, 2014

Krispy Kreme Japan : Summer Tea Time 2014

Why am I back to Krispy Kreme? Well, it has released new Summer Tea Time menu that features tea-flavoured donuts and cool donut desserts. The Doughnut Ice Kreme Green Tea and Cookies(¥450) elevates donuts to the restaurant level of hot-cold desserts which is assembled by placing matcha ice cream, matcha warabi mochi, cookies crumbs on hot donuts. What a delight it was! Hot donuts with ice cream.... why hasn't this been created earlier? 

In line with the green tea cookies theme is the Ice Cream Chiller Green Tea Jelly, a frozen sludge of green tea milk with crunchy cookies, Kuromitsu jelly, matcha ice cream and drizzled of matcha chocolate that remain solidified in the icy oasis. Not a fan of matcha? There is a Peach Tea Yoghurt variation too. 

As for the donuts, none strayed too far from the original inspiration. The green tea cookies donut is like having the matcha Oreo cookies and cream. The Bergamot and Lemon Tea is one brilliantly glazed donut that is modest on the tongue. Instead of the new Earl Grey Milk Tea Cake, I opted for the old-fashioned matcha donut. More of a cake than a donut, this old-fashioned goodie was a straightforward bid to the heart. 

Game for something savoury? Why not try the spicy tomato donut? 
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan
Summer Tea Time 
(Now till 9th September 2014)
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