Tuesday, July 15, 2014

海鮮丼専門店 丼の丼丸 : 500-yen Obento

 500-yen Obento? Oh wait it's 540 yen inclusive of taxes.
But still it's a very value-for-money place for delicious seafood obento.
Established in 1979, Donmaru has more than 100 outlets all over Japan.
This tororo-anago-tamago-negitoro Obento is a daily special besides the other 70 selections from the menu pasted on the wall.
Fresh and tasty ingredients with huge portions of rice that can be equivalent to lunch and dinner.
On a budget and yet craving for scrumptious seafood? This 500-yen shop is the place to go
Donmaru 丼丸
Various stores including Ikebukuro, Nishiwaseda and Takadanobaba
Click here to locate the nearest store

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