Friday, June 20, 2014

Riccio Mania Kitchen リッチョマニア キッチン Uni Specialty Restaurant

I used not to take raw uni and oysters because I thought they stink and have a very unpleasant metallic. But now, while my perception stays for oysters, I have grown to like uni, especially when they are cooked.
Ricco Mania is one great place that I have discovered recently because it specialises in uni cuisine. The concept is a fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine. So from appetizers, salads to pastas, everything is about uni. I had not expected the lunch menu to be a smaller scale of what is displayed on the website. Yet the limited choices  might be good in a way as I always have difficulties deciding what to have. 
Every dish was straightforward with a very heartwarming taste It did not feel over the top like any gold-decorated cuisine despite the presence of Uni. 
The Uni Rice Omelette (1200 yen)  is a must try! Not butter rice, not any tomato chicken rice but some very fragrant yet flavorful multi-grain rice that amazingly binds together like our Chinese "zhoo bee beng". Fluffy moist semi-liquid pool of eggs is also the main
The Carbonara Pasta (1150 yen) has just the right amount of uni without making this plate too cloying. Each set comes with salad and drink.

It delivers on its meat dishes too. The chicken set (¥900-limited 5 sets per day) was marvelously tender, in a much concentrated uni gravy that encourages dipping with the exceptionally airy and crunchy baguette. 

Haven't gotten enough of uni? One can top up 1000 yen for this plate of uni. It was very fresh without any overpowering smell. 
This uni specialty shop delivers good food at very reasonable price. Plus, its location at Tokyo station is super convenient too. There is also a smaller eat-in and takeaway outlet known as Ricco Mania market at Nihonbashi Coredo. Frozen uni sauces or uni cuisine are on sale there.
If you like uni, you know where to go now.
Riccio Mania
Tokyo Station (outside gantry) 1F Kitchen Street
Marunouchi 1-9-1, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo
Daily 11am-11pm (Lunch till 3pm)

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