Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Palet D'Or : Sin with Chocolates

If you like chocolates, then Palet D'or is another place to head to for some deluxe chocolate treats besides Jean Paul-Hevin.

Palet D'or is premium chocolate boutique that started in Osaka by Chocolatier Grand Master Shunsuke Saegusa in 2004. Born in 1956 in Osaka, Chef Saegusa's working stint at world-renowned Lyon chocolatier cum chocolate-maker Bernachon has greatly influenced his chocolate creations.

During Valentine, he has paired with Kyoto Kaiseki restaurant, Kikunoi, to come up with the unique Wafu style chocolates that are so sophisticated in textures.

Recently, at his sole outlet outside Osaka, he has launched a new summer parfait that boast 10 chocolate parts. Yes. T-E-N.

The top is composed of three main types of homemade sorbet; dark chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate. The chocolate sorbet was marvelous,offering unhindered contact with the intense cacao. Below the triple scoops is a glob of smooth vanilla ice cream, some fresh cream and berry sauce. Sounds simple but this ain't just any other chocolate-berry parfait.

There is also a sparkling drink that is topped with champagne sorbet. One can choose to have berry or cacao sorbet. The set comes with a piece of tiny chocolate.

On the other hand, the cakes were  not remarkable, but enjoyable enough. Sicily, a rich pistachio- milk chocolate combination that has fairly pleasant pistachio tones but bereft of creativity

It remains an unsolvable puzzle as to which part of this "Vogue" makes it vogue. Nice wavy chocolate hairstyle and the pistachio cream is of an even thicker consistency than the pistachio-inspired Sicily.

My favourite was the Guatemala, though it evoked an unexpected response of "Is this garlic" from one of the table partners. I disbelievingly agree with the comment after taking the first bite. But it wasn't too potent to disrupt the overall sensational pleasures of chocolate and caramel. Would be perfect if the chocolate biscuit sponge were to be substituted with feuilettine.

There used to be many more plated desserts but seems like the chef intends to scale down the menu for unknown reason. Hopefully Chef Saegusa can restore the glory of the vanished desserts with new creations but as for the cakes, I think I am still more willing to invest in Jean Paul Hevin.

Palet D'Or ショコラティエ パレ ド オール
-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-6501
Weekdays & Saturdays
Open: 11:00 - 21:00
Sundays & Public Holidays
Open: 11:00 - 20:00

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