Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ginza Sushidokoro Marui 銀座寿司処 まる伊

Two blocks behind Matsuya Ginza is a sushi-ya that serves highly affordable lunch. Price aside, I had been waiting to try it's No.1 Zuke Ana Chirashi (¥1200) 

It was truly a sumptuous bowl of rice filled with lots of ingredients (shrimps, ika, tamago, ikura) beneath the red maguro and anago. Though the Anago cannot be compared to the soft, simmered ones from Tamai, the beautifully marbled maguro shone above all ingredients.
I mean, who could resist these seaming,  gleamingly red pool of expertly sliced raw fish? I couldn't take my eyes of it, neither could my chopsticks leave the bowl for any second. Worthy of mention is the soup, which was not the usual miso but prawn stock made with prawn heads. And that reminded me of our Singapore prawn noodles.
Lunch Menu

The quail egg was an uncommon addition that helped in binding the separate components together. Flavours were distinctive, fresh and bright. And for just ¥1200, this bowl will satisfy any hearty appetites . Another popular lunch set is the 16-piece assorted nigiri sushi at ¥1500.  

Now, who says that one can't find affordable yet delicious lunch in Ginza? 
Ginza Sushidokoro Marui
銀座寿司処 まる伊
Lunch Hours: Daily 11:30am – 2:30pm
Address : 3-8-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)

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