Monday, June 2, 2014

Cafe&Meal Muji

I have noticed many people saying that they can have Japanese food everyday but the funny thing is these words come from non-Japanese. Most Japanese people, at least those whom I knew, do not eat sushi or ramen daily. Instead, most family meals revolve around plain rice with simple side dishes, typically 2-3 side dishes and 1 soup. This is somewhat similar to our Chinese style ( 3 dishes + 1 soup). In fact, many 和 cafes here operate based on this concept and one good example is Café Muji.
You can customise your own set meal by choosing either 3 side dishes ( 1 Hot Deli + 2 Cold Deli for  780 yen) or 4 side dishes (2 Hot Deli + 2 Cold Deli for 930yen) to go with your rice or bread. Top up 100 yen to change to ten-grain rice or 150 yen for miso soup. Alternatively, you can order the side dishes aka "deli" (お惣菜) as ala carte and price is charged according to the amount you order.
This concept reminds me of the 杂菜饭 aka mixed vegetable stalls in our hawker centres.
 My set of 3 side dishes plus bread roll. Top right is the Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Salad
 Edo veggies, seaweed and tofu Salad
Japanese style braised mushrooms and omelette
Desserts are also available at the café. They do not belong to those fanciful types and can be usually reproduced at most Japanese home kitchens. For instance, there is the Seasonal chestnut and cranberry cake (380 yen), made with Kochi Prefecture's chestnuts and wasabon sugar.

Muji Cheesecake.
The Houjicha Pudding with Sesame Crunch (380 yen) is a regular item on the menu. I prefer this out of all three items that day as it is smooth and not too sweet.

Books related to food

Overall, I highly recommend this place for the savoury meal platter because the side dishes are fresh, healthy and delicious. Plus, the price is definitely more economical than food stalls in department basement and even convenience stores.  I am a huge fan of Japanese deli dishes and I would not mind going back again and again since the menu changes frequently. Depending on the stores you visit, some have bakeries that sell assortment of yummy breads. If you haven't try Café Muji yet, do give it a go next time!

Café&Meal Muji
Various stores in Shinjuku, Yurakucho, Shibuya, etc.
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  1. the food there were very healthy without compromising on its tastes. i enjoyed the atmosphere there too.


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