Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tokyo Campanella : My Perfect Omiyage

If you are coming to Tokyo between now till June or same period next time, you are in luck. Treat yourself to these seasonal edition matcha cream pies because they could be one of the best sweets you would remember in your life.

Crunchy boat-shaped pie shell filled with refreshingly light green tea cream and topped with loads of pie flakes and icing sugar. Not too sweet all. Let the pictures speak.

How to Eat This Guide for the Dummies-Eat with hands or Scoop with a spoon (duh...). Beware of the mess caused by the icing sugar and flakes (this is true)

Creamy but not too sweet. Even if you are not a matcha lover, you will swoon at this. It's meant to be an omiyage (travel souvenir) but comes with a short lifespan of 3 days. Anyway, if you miss the matcha flavour, fear not as there are always the regular chocolate and seasonal flavours such as Mango, Chestnut and Strawberries.

But if one is keen to buy something of a longer shell life, the signature tri-layer chocolate cookie sandwich is highly recommended. These are literally Langue De chats which are even lighter and more crumbly than Shiroi Koibito. The original dark chocolate flavour is pretty intense, but I prefer the white chocolate version as it has a sweet milky fragrance to it.

In fact, it is not necessary to always go for Shiroi Koibito when there are such excellent biscuits around, isn't it?

Tokyo Campanella
Daimaru Tokyo/ Within Tokyo Station/ Haneda Airport/Narita Airport/ Within some JR Stations

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