Monday, May 26, 2014

Shibuya Cheese Stand : Cheese and the Cow

Shibuya cheese stand is a casual cheese cafe in the quiet suburbs near NHK Broadcast Centre in between Harajuku JR and Shibuya JR. It aims to bring high end cheeses to the masses. On the menu are sandwiches, pizzas, salad and desserts that plays around with Fromage.

A small space is allocated as mini cheese factory where the signature mozzarella balls are churned out.

The "Plates" stated on the menu is tapas-like cheese platter which contains different variety of cheese. I do wish they could serve some complimentary crackers or baguette alongside because the two types of Aged Cheddar Cheese (770 yen) were tasty but too salty on their own. The minimal specks of dried fruits did not help much.

Perhaps we should have fork out more money and head straight for the burrata balls or freshly made ricotta mozzarella next time.

Craving for some carbohydrates, we decided to try the seasonal flavour pizza. More like a rustic galette than a pizza, this "pizza" (900 yen) is scattered with sweet potatoes, mint, cheese and raisins. It's definitely not a dessert pizza but neither is it the typical Italian pizza with cheesy strands. Dry and bland, it would taste better with at least a sauce base.

Since there had been good reviews about the sandwiches, I had the Truffled oil bacon sandwich (560 yen) Made with chewy rye baguette, the sandwich was much more delicious than the odd pizza.

I could smell the aromatic truffle oil when the staff was assembling the toasted warm bread with the ingredients. However, I wished they could be more generous with the amount of cheese since it is the main star of the shop.
Desserts such as Cheese Pudding, Cheesecake, etc...
Spot this cow to locate this place
I thought the concept of this cheese stand is pretty cool but the food did not excite me. Hence, I don't think it is necessary to make a trip all the way here for cheese even if you are cheese lovers but it's a great place to grab a quick bite or takeaway before heading to join the hippies at Yoyogi Park.
Shibuya Cheese Stand
Shibuya Ku Kamiyamacho 5-8 1F
11am-11pm (Till 8pm on Sundays)
Closed on Mondays

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