Friday, April 18, 2014

Tap House Bakery: Croissants Specialist

Tap House Bakery and Cafe is a bread house in Shinjuku that opens early in the morning and is ideal for a quick breakfast spot. There are cold sandwiches and salads in the chilled counter but nothing beats having fresh pastries out from the oven. 
It specialises in Danish pastries and thus the spread of croissants lookalike bread on every level of the display counter. But it does not stop here. It embraces the concept of "和 taste" and thus most of the pastries have been infused with some Japanese ingredients.
For instant, there is Mentai Cheese Croissant that we chose instead of Teriyaki Chicken.
Classic Cheese Sausage and PotatoI have been eyeing at their Matcha Croissant for ages and finally got to try it. It is flaky yet has an incredible mochi-like bite with delicious red bean filling. The previous one from Gontran Cherrier had a less distinct tea taste. 
The black bean bread is a new item that is not only contains the paste but actual beans. 
Strawberry Custard Danish and Black Bean Bread
Bakeries are everywhere but one that specialises only in Japanese style croissants are quite rare. There is no other outlet so Shinjuku is the only place to head to if you want to try these bread. 

Tap House Bakery
Daily 7:30pm to 10pm 
Sun/PH 8am to 9pm 
Shinjuku Keio Mall Basement 
〒160-0023 Nishi Shinjuku 1 Chome Shinjuku South Exit Basement Street No.1

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