Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Supulae Singapore: Just another Korean BBQ

There are plenty of Korean eateries in Tanjong Pagar. Besides spicy fried chicken, Korean BBQ must have been one of the most popular type of Korean cuisine in Singapore in 2013. Khongdon BBQ, Kim's Family, Bornga, Red Pig......the list goes on. But I doubt few would have heard of Supulae as it was a new restaurant in one of the shophouses back in August last year.As it was a party, I lost count of how many sets of BBQ we ordered altogether. Basically, there are two different sets (for 2 pax at $48.90); one contains pork and beef, the other pork and chicken. Honestly, I was not attracted by the meat and the marinades were rather average. 
The seafood and onion pancake ($20) were generously filled but it was unevenly pan-fried and rather greasy. The Budaejjigae ($35) was the familiar army pot stew filled with ham, sausage and instant noodles but it did not appeal as the soup lacked the spicy kick. 
What I liked most is the selection of free flow side dishes that could not make me rest my chopsticks on the table. The cabbage in sesame dressing, stir fry long beans with shrimps and the kimchi were especially outstanding. 

The cold soba noodles ($12)-spicy or plain-were a refreshing treat in the rather stuffy room that was not well ventilated as the suction device that was meant to remove any BBQ smell either broke down or was highly inefficient. So at the end of the meal, we left the place smelling like BBQ meat. 
cold soba noodles ($12)-spicy
cold soba noodles ($12)-plain
The beer was probably the best part of the meal for my colleagues. Lost track of the number of bottles emptied that night.

80 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088501
Mon-Sun 5pm-3am
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  1. It's pretty sad when the beer is the best part. Are you a Korean food fan in general? Or is it only this restaurant that isn't good?

    1. I'm a korean food fan! love my kimchi, bibimbap, chicken, cold noodles etc... haha...but somehow this place did not leave a strong impression. But I definitely hope to try more korean restaurants when I'm back in Sg!


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