Monday, March 31, 2014

Ushio Okonomiyaki : Healthy Shizuoka Oko-yaki

There are various kinds of yaki in Japan. Okonomiyaki from Osaka, Monjyayaki from Tokyo and of course Hiroshimayaki from Hiroshima. Being the most popular okonomiyaki restaurant in the Roppongi district, Ushio boasts a healthy "Inaka" or countryside variation that is full of vegetables sans the mayonaise and brown sauce. According to the lady owner, this version comes from her hometown Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Despite the lack of sauce which may drive loyal okonomiyaki fans initially, the Inaka yaki (980 yen) is no short of flavours because it is filled with lots of takuan (savoury red pickles), besides the usual negi and cabbage. Topped with shoyu, bonito flakes, this tastes light and fragrant without stimulating the craving for any sauces

Oysters lovers should go for the Oyster Negi Yaki (1580 yen), which contains the fat and succulent oysters from Hiroshima. Strangely, this version reminds me of Chinese oyster omelette. Nevertheless, those who prefer the usual okonomiyaki can have their fill with the Mixed Yaki (1180 yen), which is drowned in beige sauce (likely to be a blend of mayonaise and oko brown sauce). Similar to the previous two, it is moist, fluffy, but has more ingredients such as juicy shrimps and octopus. 

Mixed Yaki (1180 yen)

Besides the main food, the ala carte dishes such as the steamed sesame chicken salad and meat gyoza were also very delicious. The salad was refreshingly crunchy in the slightly peppery dressing, though the chicken tasted like turkey meat. The meat gyoza is strictly speaking, not gyoza but simply shredded cabbage bundled by beef. Despite the delicious food,  extra charges apply for the appetizers. 

meat gyoza
Because all food are prepared in the kitchen rather than right in front of customers, one is unlikely to smell of okonomiyaki after the meal. Nonetheless, isn't it contradicting that Ushio allows smoking while trying to sell their cuisine based on a healthy concept ?
When the room was flooded with tobacco smell for the second time during the meal, that was the final straw.

Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 3 Chome−10−9, 木世川誠志堂ビル2F
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