Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Honke Abeya 本家あべや : Kampung Chicken Oyakodon

My family's love for oyakodon prompted a visit to Honke Abeya, an Akita restaurant which serves the famous Akita's Hinai-jidori aka kampung chicken. Hinai-jidori is ranked as one of the Top 3 Chicken in Japan. As one of the few restaurants in Tokyo which has a direct contractual relation with Abe Farm in Akita, Honke Abeya receives fresh delivery of chicken supplies from the farm daily.Lunch menu is limited to few sets without ala carte options but they more than suffice. The oyakodon here comes with a bonus egg yolk without having to fork out extra yen. The raw egg yolk makes a huge difference to the chicken and rice because it sweetens and moistens everything. Unlike the chicken from Tamahide, I prefer the version here because the meat is much more tender. Furthermore, there is a smoky fragrant because the chicken has been grilled before serving.
The Oyakodon set (1000 yen) comes with Akita Bijin Tofu (Beauty Tofu), chicken collagen soup and pickles. One can pay an extra 500 yen for the premium Oyako don which uses chicken thigh meat.
Another popular set meal is the Torimeshi Gozen (1700 yen), which consists of salad, Chicken intestines stew, Hinai-jidori torimeshi, collagen soup, pickles and dessert. Beneath the two chunky chicken drumsticks is minced chicken and rice. Dessert is a simply yet creamy custard pudding made with the eggs of Hinai kampung chicken.

Though I have not come across many oyakodon in Tokyo before, I would pick this over Tamahide. Plus, it is unlikely that one has to queue. If you visit their official website, you can see the faces of each and every farmer who raises the chicken that goes onto dinner tables. It is never more assuring to know the source of what goes into our mouth, isn't it?

Honke Abeya 本家あべや
B1 KITTE Marunouchi 2-7-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Mon-Sat Lunch 10am-3pm/ Dinner 5pm-10pm
Sun/PH 10am-9pm
Nearest Station: Tokyo
Visit here for menu and details of other outlets at Kagurazaka, Shizuoka and Akita
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