Monday, March 3, 2014

Dean and Deluca Tokyo ディーンアンドデルーカ

Some may wonder why visit Dean and Deluca when it already opened in Singapore? Despite being under the same parent company, D and D Tokyo is very different from D and D Singapore. 
It is so well-stocked up with many delicious gourmet pastries, ready-made meals that it would be a pity not to grab a muffin or baked cheese avocado from the shop.
Ham and Omelette Croissant that can be served warm 
Another good point about D and D is that it opens as early as 8am, which means another great spot to provide us with the necessary morning fuel for the entire day. The Shinjuku outlet may be smaller than the Marunouchi, Yurakucho or Tokyo Midtown outlets but there is no lack of tempting offers. . 
From the huge Caramel Apple to the Fig and Earl Grey Scone (above), these rustic bakes are a treat on all senses. The pound-cake lookalike Caramel Apple boasts an incredible glossy caramel finish that is bitter with a smoky accent. Meanwhile, the generous figs lend sublime sweetness to the delicate crusty scone with a distinctive black tea aroma. 

Caramel Apple Cake
Loaded with marshmallows, not-too-crunchy oreo cookies, the decadent Crash Chocolate Muffin is not as threateningly sweet as it looks.
One of my favourite is the black rock scone that is ugly but intensely satisfying for its semi-sweet-bitter taste due to the use of cocoa batter.

One need not wait till Christmas to have the Rugelach, which is a regular item of the bakery section. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, this classic American cookie is not as crunchy as I expected but 
The Strawberry Pretzel is one gigantic heart-shaped croissant coated in strawberry chocolate. Perhaps a romantic idea to share between couples or devour the pastry alone. It was blissful to have it with the warm Salted Caramel Latte. 
Other beverages include Cappucino and Hot Soy Milk. 
The chiller section also stocks out a good range of ready made food such as salads, rolls and quiches. I highly recommend the quiche if you have access to a microwave or a oven because it tasted fabulous when eaten warm. 

My first encounter with D&D quiche was the Salmon Quiche, topped with one whole sliced lemon. The ingredients were creamy and a little too savoury, but the tartness helps to cure the richness.

The quiche changes so often that one could hardly keep track what is the latest flavour. This lobster asparagus quiche was a seasonal item that is good too. The shrimps hidden below the lobster bisque custard was sweet, fresh and springy.

Prices are not cheap but the portions for most of the pastries and ready-made food is massive for Asian appetites. Plus, they are all quite yummy and are unlikely to leave one brooding over the price after the meal.  

Dean and Deluca Tokyo 
Various Stores including Shinjuku, Yurakucho Lumine, Roppongi Midtown and Tokyo Station. 
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