Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Soup Spoon Union

The Soup Spoon Union is a merger of three brands-The Soup Spoon, The Handburger and Asia Broth Noodle Bar. The union concept brings greater options to diners and offers a larger space to dine in comfort.
However, orders have to be placed separated at the specific stalls and the amount will be billed to an electronic gadget which customers receive at the start and pay at the main cashier. Though the concept sounds like a grand merger, kitchens are still separated; think a microscopic version of a food court.
We tried at least one item from each stall. From the Handburger stall, we had the Dory Fish Burger that comes with caesar salad as a set. 
It was difficult to decide the noodles because the each of the image that flashed on the electronic menu looked hearty and delicious. Indeed the portions are huge and good for sharing. 
Instead of having the more common Vietnam pho, Tom yum goong or ramen, we had Khao Soi ($12.80), a Chiangmai dish of fried egg noodles in creamy curry served with grilled whole chicken leg and topped with shallots, preserved salted vegetables, cilantro, dried chilli and a touch of lime juice. Spicy lovers might complaint that it lacks a fiery punch but one might grow fond of this comfort dish if they do not mind a tinge of sweetness in the curry. 
Also containing a grilled chicken leg, the Indonesian Soto Ayam ($10.80) is essentially glass noodles in a light chicken broth spiced with galangal, lemongrass, candlenuts. It was served with handmade traditional pound chilli, kecap manis, crispy shallots, thick potato crisps and drizzled with a squeeze of lime juice for added citrus kick.
I enjoyed the contrasting textures and the mildly sourish flavours after everything was dump into the bowl and mixed evenly. Although I had not been to Indonesia for the authentic Soto Ayam, I am relief that it does not remind us of Instant Soto Ayam noodles on the very least. 
From the Soup Spoon, it's the Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff ($7.80)which still remained extra thick with chunks of mushrooms. 
It was thoughtful for the company to add a selection of new desserts to the merged dessert menu. The Tea-ramisu is a green tea twist of the classic Tiramisu. Filled with red beans at the bottom, the sponge fingers were soaked in green tea syrup that tasted artificial. The mere speckles of green tea powder dusted at the top could not conceal the sweetness of the multiple layers. 
Hence, what stood out for this visit were the noodles but perhaps the absence of MSG, artificial flavourings and preservatives would be the reason that could draw me back again.
As my visit was shortly few days after it opened, service was rather haphazard for not all of the counter staff manning each stall was certain about the order and payment mode. I also observed that some foreign diners were lost at where or how to order. 
The Soup Spoon Union
Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-61
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6334 3220
10:30am – 10pm (Sun – Thur) 10:30am – 10:30pm (Fri – Sat)
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