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Rue Due Passy リュードパッシー: Takashimaya Patisserie Series Part 1

As previously shared here about a one-stop cake shop that amassed the best sweets from top patissiers in Tokyo, one can get a taste of delicious cakes without having to travel far out from central Tokyo. This time round I shall focus the cakes from one patisserie in each post, starting from Rue Due Passy. It's not the famous busy shopping street in Paris but a humble looking pastry shop in Meguro, Tokyo.

Rouge Rue Due Passy ¥501
ルージユ リュードパッシー 
Most of them are seasonal interpretations of French classic cakes. For instance, the
St Honore here is replaced by macarons and the base is a tart. Overall a very light tasting cake because the sweet components were the moist macaron shells and the framboise confiture hidden in the centre. However, the excessive volume of strawberry buttercream (it even fills up the tart shell) makes this rather boring towards the end. 
Sakura Saint Honore ¥462
A seasonal creation available around March-April. This is similar to the Rouge but the base is not a tart but simply puff pastry ring. It is not only buffered with the aroma of sakura flowers but the fruity flavours of griottine cherries in the custard filling of each mini puffs.

photo credit: sweets_daisuki 
The man behind the cakes is Chef owner Nagashima San, who trained at several institutions in France before coming back home to Japan to open his shop in 2001. Hence you might have noticed that the cakes spot the words "Rue De Passy 2001" printed on the small cake tag.
Bana-Oolong バナウ―ロン ¥441
Two years ago, he whipped out a banana cake but paired unusually with oolong tea. But it is not so simple.
The oolong tea bavarois is blended with Jasmine tea and filled with Banana Creme Beurre at the centre, making it a very refreshing and not cloyingly sweet banana creation as the cake is dominated with tea fragrance. Never knew that tea and banana work so well together! 
クムクワト Kumquat ¥525 
The design of the candy ice sword that tops the cake attracted me at first sight. The golden citrus kumquat takes centre stage in a form of compote mixed into the coffee-accented caramel chocolate cream. What I liked most is the texture, as a piece of chocolate biscuit with delightful crunch is placed on top and below.
ショコラバニーユ Chocolat Vanille ¥462 
Though chances of finding the exact above cakes again are low (turnover rates of cakes are very high in pastry shops generally), there are regular items like this. Vanilla cream with caramelized walnuts is hidden in this highly rich and thick chocolate mousse that will definitely satisfy anyone's lust for credit: hisako

Rue De Passy  リュードパッシー
Tokyo Meguro Ku Takaban 3-17-6
Access: 4-min walk from Tokyu Tohoku Line Gakuei Daigaku Station West Exit
Daily 10am-7.30pm Closed on Wed
〒152-0004 東京都目黒区鷹番3-17-6
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