Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fujiko Museum 藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム: Doraemon Cafe

If you are heading to Fujiko museum, there is a cafe that offers food based on the theme of doraemon.  

This is a new item from the latest feature film "Nobita's Great Demon Plate" 
The tomato rice is shaped and layered with a thin omelette imprinted with the bad guy's figure. The brown sauce with ham slices was nothing spectacular but the "heavy smoker's forest" is recreated with potato salad and fresh greens enhanced with misty, smoking effects. 
Doria-Mon ¥1200 is a baked Doria covered in a pool of cheese and white sauce. it was not overwhelmingly creamy and delivered a comforting taste even without any ingredients like ham, mushroom or chicken. It's simply rice and béchamel sauce.
This homely dish was the most delicious item that day. 
Ramen is said to be the favorite food of Koike San and so Koike's face was arranged with premium nori seaweed. Served with Inari Sushi. ¥900
The thin-curly ramen tasted not much different from instant cup ramen but is significantly less oily than many ramen-ya.

The desserts were more fancifully decorated, though they were far sweeter than average. This "Do-ramisu" 700 yen is a cup of tiramisu on a pool of sticky and sweet green tea chocolate sauce scattered with some crumbles. Paired with a scoop of coffee ice cream. 

Doraemon's favorite food is Dorayaki but it was turned into a chiffon cake with extra whipped cream and custard cream (¥700). 
Hence, it was expectedly too sweet.  The cafe latte (¥550) is available in 5 different flavors and this is sugar free version. I guess we were quite lucky to get the latte art in the form of doraemon (you may get other characters)  

Fujiko Museum Doraemon  藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム
Tickets: ¥1000 adult ¥500 (To be purchased in advance at any Lawson convenience stores) 
Access: Noboriko Station via Odakyu or JR Namboku Line
For more info and map, click here 
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