Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[MOVING OUT] Frunatic Singapore Fast Fruit Restaurant

I thought this would be a vegan restaurant with similar concept like The Living Cafe but the menu is crafted around fruits. 
Asparagus and Baby Spinach Drink
There were more fruits than vegetables in the salads but we prefer savoury salads that are made up of at least 80% vegetables. Nevertheless, we still managed to settle on 2 salads out of the limited options. 
Mediterranean , a fibre-rich mix of pomegranate seeds, apples, melons, some unidentified leaves with a sweet ginseng sauce aimed for weight management.The ginseng dressing, which tasted like sour plum and guava purée, were pretty acceptable to me but some may find it odd. 
The Asian Fusion boasts to provide the Yin and Yang balance with dragonfruits, black fungus and something which I've heard for the first time--Ya Pear.
We had everything from the "Chef's Special/main courses" section since there were only 2 options. The Olive Zucchini Lasagna easily outwitted the Spaghetti Meatballs with Cream Sauce (above pic) because the blend of dried oregano and sun-dried tomato sandwiched between the zuchinni pasta tasted like the real tangy meat filling. However, the cream sauce of the latter dish was totally bland and the spaghetti were raw shredded vegetables instead of real noodles. Better skip the spaghetti. 

Olive Zucchini Lasagna

Olive Zucchini Lasagna
The nachos chips ($2.50 for small/ $4.50 for large) with sour cream, tomato concasse and guacamolo are probably the least salted nachos chips in the world but are not addictive enough to tempt one on a second or third helping.  

Every main course comes with a choice of alkaline water and we had hibiscus and lemonade. Those who are used to sugary processed drinks would definitely find this bland but not a bad thing to cut down on sugar intake.
The desserts here are all vegan and rely heavily on nuts.For instant, the tart shell of the fruit tart ($4.90), the cinnamon round ($1.50) and even the chocolate raspberry torte have traces of nuts. They are available in petite-sizes and thus a great way to enjoy many flavours in one sitting (price range from $1.80-$2.80).   

Our favourites were those in the cups--Lime avocado ($4.80) and Strawberry cake ($4.80)
While the Living Cafe is worth a re-visit, Frunatic has not convinced us that fast fruit meals are delicious, though the concept of fast fruits is definitely healthier than fast food.

Frunatic Fast Fruit Restaurant
Relocated to the following address
491 River Valley, Valley Point #01-05/06
Singapore 248371
Tel: +65-6235 3040
Daily: 10am – 8pm
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