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Bubby's バビーズ :American Food with a Hearty Grub

Bubby's is another American Pancake House that has entered the Japanese market. It started as a wholesale pie company in Tribeca in 1990 and expanded into a restaurant that serves comfort American food. However, it's first overseas expansion to Japan had not been a smooth ride because of ingredients and cultural differences. The signature item is the apple pies and but it seems that the pancakes and Egg Benedicts were mentioned in Japanese media more frequently. 
Stack of Bubby's Fluffy Sour Cream Pancakes バビーズ サワークリーム パンケーキ、苺&バナナ添え ¥1100 
What distinguishes Bubby's pancakes from the rest is the taste, thickness and size. The incorporation of sour cream gives a tangy flavour to the unsweetened batter. No whipping cream or ice cream. The only condiment is the bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup that you can empty at one's discretion and a serving of butter that can hardly even spread over half of a single pancake.  
It was good that the pancakes were not sweetened and even slightly savoury, but the sheer thickness was overwhelming and did not make any economic sense. Portions are super hearty but Sarabeth's pancakes still wins in both flavour and texture.  
Instead of the pancakes, we prefer the Egg Benedict 1200. They looked flatter than Sarabeth's version but surpassed the former in terms of flavour. 
Plenty of hollandaise sauce, on top of perfect gooey poached eggs, flavorful smoked ham with a larger-than-usual surface area and toasty muffins.  
Bubby's Burger (Choice of salad, onion rings or fries) 1100 was a simple beef burger with pungent raw onions, tomatoes. The beef pattie were too thick, so the meat on the outside was slightly dry though pinkish in the center. 
Though the burger had no sauce at all, we did not had the urge to use any of the Heinz mustard or ketchup as the pattie was well seasoned. The toasted sesame buns were a sweet bonus.  
Last but not least, the ultimate star of Bubby's is none other than the Mille High's Apple PieWhether one likes it or not, it is served warm with a giant dollop of sweetened whipped cream for 600 (500 for takeaway). The ingredients are very simple (he has published it in his pie recipe book) but yet it is very delicious. It's slightly more expensive than Granny Smith's but the portion is massive.   
The main difference between this and Granny Smith's is that the apples are cooked further down into a mushy mash and the fillings are so much that one can barely taste the thin crust.  The cream went even better than ice cream with the warm pie, though some may wonder if at least half of that plate's calories come from the cream.
The menu here is the same as that in US, but without the daily and seasonal specials. Having been serving brunch to hungry New Yorkers for so many years, Bubby's is a reliable American home-dining spot that ensures that no one leaves the place feeling only half-full. There are now three outlets in Tokyo. Do note that there are 3 types of menu (breakfast/lunch/dinner) but pancakes and pies stay all-day.  

Bubby's Tribeca, Tokyo バビーズ
Tokyo Chuo ku, Yaesu 2-1, Yaesu-chikagai Central #3 
Nearest Station: JR Tokyo Station
Tel 03-6225-2016
Click here for opening hours, other outlets and menu
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