Sunday, January 19, 2014

Te Wei Popiah.Rojak.Otah

Having frequented Longhouse in the past, I did not remember Te Wei Rojak stall to attract long queues. In fact, it was a store that one could easily miss as it was located at the corner of this long hawker centre. I've tried it few times but did not notice anything special about the Rojak.
But after hearing about positive media reviews about this rojak, I returned and ordered a $4 Rojak to see if I might have missed out some good stuffWell, it was generally good but not the best. The You Char Kway was not crunchy, perhaps the uncle did not grill long enough as many people are waiting. What draws people could be the sauce, I guessed. It was decently tangy and sweet, with a fair amount of prawn paste added into it.The popiah, which seemed less popular than the rojak, was in fact very delicious. 
Besides having juicy turnips with crunchy bits, the popiah is hidden with sufficient amount of spicy chilli sauce to give one the satisfying hot kick on the tongue. The skin is less resilient than Kway Joo Chiat’s but still firm enough to hold the ingredients.
It also sells otah but ran out of stock that day. That might be good too.
Te Wei Popiah Rojak Otah
Longhouse, 183 Upper Thomson Road, 01-01
Singapore 574332
11am to 9pm
Closed on Wed
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