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Sushi Man 小鯛雀鮨 すし萬: Old Sushi House from Osaka

You might have eaten sushi countless times but do you know that there is a difference between Osaka Sushi and Tokyo Edomae Sushi? Difference No.1) Instead of being molded by hands, Osaka sushi, is pressed into a wooden box and sliced into boxed shapes.  Difference No.2) All ingredients are cooked or cured=no raw fish or seafood.  For some authentic old-school Osaka sushi, try the 352 year old Sushi Man, which is famous for its Kodai Suzume Zushi 小鯛雀鮨(こだいすずめずし). During the post war period, they were one of the earliest restaurants that opened outlets in Kansai department stores.   To have the best of both Tokyo and Osaka Sushi, the Mankai Special Set (3150) contains 9 assorted sushi. For this set, the soup is not miso but a clear tasty broth with tofu fish cakes.  For the bottom row of nigiri, there is Raw Salmon, Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna), Striped Jack, Boiled Shrimp, Salmon Aburi. For the top row, pressed sushi in mayonnaise, tekka rolls (raw meguro) and salmon roe. Rice is the key for Osaka Sushi and you will realise that the rice leaned on the sweet side. In fact, all the hako sushi (boxed sushi) are actually flavoured and seasoned so you do not need to dip them in soy sauce. 
For instance, the Anago pressed sushi is so sweet that one can wolf it down simply as it is.   If I am not wrong, the one beside the Anago is the signature Kodai Suzume Zushi 小鯛雀鮨(こだいすずめずし) but it is so fresh and can do away with the mayonnaise.  
Part of the Mankai Set: Chawanmushi with Fish Cake and Mushrooms 
Dessert of the Mankai Set: Matcha Warabimochi that might have sit in the cold for too long, as it could be softer.  
 The Anago Maki Sushi which has a funny kanji name 阿奈古巻 (2100) appeared in unexpectedly gigantic rolls. Filled with shiitake mushrooms, Anago, mitsuba and sweet tamago, these rice rolls are also available as a takeaway souvenir.  
For another sumptuous offer, go for the Kaisen Chirashi Set (¥3150) that comes with miso soup and pickled white radish that are the sweetest kind you ever tasted.  
The sushi rice bowl was topped with a dazzling of sea harvest such as briny uni, Anago, botan shrimps, thick slices of chuutoro, kanpachi and sweet tamago. Those who had this commented that it was better than sushi chain Midori even though the price is higher. 
Everything was excellent, not to forget the ultimate ootoro sushi. Each morsel was worth 1350, and you can imagined the incredulous looks on everyone's face. The beautiful marbling yield a lingering taste of oil on your tongue even after you have swallowed it. This is incredibly good especially during the current winter season when tuna is extremely fatty.  Besides sushi, there is a small list of ala carte sides such as this avocado tomato salad in sesame dresssing.

As a highly-esteemed sushi restaurant, it also stocks up a good range of sake.

At Sushi Man, it was not merely the fresh ingredients but the rice that beefed up the taste of seafood considerably with its multifarious flavours. English menu with diagrams is also available. One can opt for the table counter to watch the preparation of sushi at the best distance. 

So save the time to queue for conveyor sushi belt Midori on the same level and cross over for a great sushi reward.  
Sushi Man 小鯛雀鮨 すし萬
Lunch till 4pm
Seibu Shibuya Department 8F
Building A Restaurant Street Dining Plaza
Nearest Station: Shibuya Station
Tel: 03-3780-6020 
Visit here for official website. 
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