Thursday, January 9, 2014

Matt's Chocolate Shop

Matt's The Chocolate Shop is a shop which anyone can easily overlook along the stretch of near identical office-like shops at Amoy Street. The short opening hours meant that I had to zoom here within my hour-lunch break, but luckily with the accompaniment of another chocolate lover colleague. Although they are famous for their Chocolate Cake ($4), it tasted like a normal cake to me. The ganache was too thin while the cupcake-sized chocolate base was not as dense nor moist as I thought. Not sure if it was because local chocolate was used (as informed by the staff) but the proportion of ganache to cake is too off-balanced. But some might like this simple, no-frills cake. 
Though the Pandan Cake with Gula Melaka Dressing ($3.50) did not look like the gorgeous bundt shaped version on their FB page, it tasted better than expected. Our piece was drenched with a fair amount of gula Melaka, which helped to moisten the cake without overpowering the pandan flavour. My favourite part? The crispy brown crumb coating. 

The best vote goes to the Tiramisu ($7). My partner was surprised at the instant aroma of cocoa once she lifted the cap. Though there is only one layer sponge and cream, the coffee liquor taste was stronger than most places and soaked every pocket of the sponge thoroughly. Despite being consumed right out of the chiller, the cream was soft and luscious. I regretted not going for the double-layer at $10 

Overall, the most anticipated chocolate fudge cake turned out to be a disappointment. But I am happy to discover a decent tiramisu here. And one good thing is that everything was not too sweet.  
Yes, they sell chocolate truffles too but I am hesitant about them. Price is reasonable for a shop in CBD district. Service was friendly and sincere. 
Matt's The Chocolate Shop

44 Amoy St. Singapore 069868 
Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm
Sat 12pm-3pm
Tel 6557-2274
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