Monday, January 13, 2014

Granny Smith Apple Pie and Coffee グラニースミスアップルパイ

The wooden vintage design of "Granny Smith Apple Pie" makes me feel as if I have stepped into the house of red riding hood. This shop that reminds us of the green apple brand has nothing to do with any American pie shop. Opened in 2012, it started as a humble apple pie shop in Setagaya. The green apples used are not imported, but locally grown by the farmers in Aomori and Nagano.  They don't sell only one variety but several kinds; Dutch Crumble, Rum and Raisin, French D'Amande and England Custard. One can pick one out of the four sauces to go with the pies. 
Unlike the English Custard that is made without cinnamon, the French D'Amande contains almond cream instead of custard and the pie crust has no lattice designs.
For the Winter Edition Cream Cheese Apple Pie, we picked the honey orange sauce to go with it. Dried figs and walnuts have been mixed into the layer of baked cream cheese, making it one which you will dream of having in frosty winter weather. 

Honestly, the sauce did not make any much difference and I prefer the original taste of the apple pies. The apple pies might not be visually appealing but they are wonderfully aromatic with the generous hunks of apples released a distinctive pure and clean sour flavour. 
The Apple Cobbler is something available only for eat-in but don't leave without trying it (700 yen). Served in a ramekin, the caramelized soft apples were buried underneath meteroid -sized crumbles. 

It was the best apple cobbler I have ever had because the crumbles were so fragrant, buttery, lightly salted and in proportion to the amount of apples. Not to forget that the lovely ice cream with caramel sauce.  

I rarely buy apple pies as those in cafes face common problems like an under baked puff pastry or overdose of sugar. However, the apple pies here are truly a notch above the rest and taste like rustic homemade ones rather than commercialized version. 
Each pie is served warm with ice cream and whipped cream at 600 yen unless you specifically indicate to have them alone. Takeaway Slices are priced at 400 yen each.

There are thousands of apple pie recipes in this world but seems like this has caught everyone in an apple frenzy.  

Apple Pies and Coffee Granny Smith  グラニースミスアップルパイ
Aoyama Outlet 
Tokyo 107-0062 Minato-ku Minami-Aoyama 5-8-9
Daily 10am-9pm
For address of Mishuku Outlet and more details:

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