Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brownice: Singapore's first vegan ice cream

Vegan food, vegan desserts and now......vegan ice cream. Brownice, a vegan ice cream parlor with a blue avatar, has kicked out a previous gourmet ice cream shop Ice Kimo at Sin Ming Centre. 
No dairy, no eggs, low fat, suitable for lactose-intolerant…These surely sounds like an attractive health contract. But the sweet treat is not necessarily a low-calorific indulgence. After all, unrefined sugar, nuts and brown rice are still used
Texture-wise, the ice-cream (two scoops for is not as smooth as most ice cream parlours including below320nitro. Luckily, both the Madagascar Vanilla and Cookies & Cream were not too sweet. There was an odd coconut aroma which lingers on even though no coconut milk was used. Constructed of French Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate ice cream and a raw crust, the tri-layer mudpie $9.80 refused to budge despite being left in room temperature for 20min. The ice cream flavours were more tolerable than the individual scoops earlier, and lovely contrasted with the salty biscuit base. The original toppings of caramelized salt almonds which ran out of stock, was a sign that they are likely to be tastier than our chocolate chips and granola. 
Due to the ingredients, the price of Brownice’s vegan ice cream is not very nice. But perhaps its a good investment for our health since they are lower in calories than normal ice cream.
8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre, #01-03 Singapore 575628
Tel: 64566431
Mon-Thur 12pm-10pm
Fri-Sun 12pm-11pm
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  1. No artificial flavourings & colourings doesn't mean no preservatives. no wonder the mudpie doesn't melt after a long time, like yakun ice cream. -.- Ice creams with no preservatives melt really fast

    1. ooh i never knew that. thanks for sharing. but in our current society, preservative-free food is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

  2. Hey dairycream and anonymous,

    Just to address some of the mistakes in this post and anonymous comment:-

    1. Brownice also doesn't use stabilizers or preservatives. So the assumption that the anonymous poster above came to is false in this case.
    2. Comparatively, Brownice IS considerably lower in calories compared with normal ice cream. The ice cream has been sent for lab tests, which have determined the ice cream is 1/3 the calories of normal ice cream. Moreover it contains less than 10% fat compared with normal ice cream (some flavours like strawberry/green tea/blueberry has less than 2%). This test was done by the Singapore HPB.
    3. No coconut is used inside the vanilla ice cream.

    Also take note the operating hours have changed a while back - Now the hours are Mon-Thur 12pm-10pm and Fri-Sun 12pm11pm.


    1. Hi Luke,
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a constructive comment. I have updated the post accordingly :)

      Li Tian


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