Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Viron Boulangerie ブラッスリー・ヴィロン

The red exterior of Viron is too conspicuous to go unnoticed. As a highly popular boulangerie that first opened its doors in Shibuya, it is the only bakery that uses the flour called Retro D'or from France Minoteries Viron. Echire butter is also used and it is no wonder that the combination of two super ingredients yields fantastic pastries. Sandwich Provençal ¥609 stood out among the cold sandwich section because of its vibrant red bits. This is really what I call a "STUFFED" sandwich as the tangy mixture of tuna and tomato were squashed so tightly without any space in between. Unlike some refeigerated tuna sandwiches, this remained very juicy as some liquid soaked through the base.  Also, not all every shop spreads the base of the bread with cheese and mayonnaise but Viron does. But the bread is too touch to chew.  You can take away and enjoy it elsewhere or queue in line to dine inside the restaurant. The queues for both Marunouchi outlet (pic above) and Shibuya can be quite long so it is safer to go on weekdays.Even the interior is in the theme of red!Praline Croissant ¥315 
My favourite was the Praline Croissant as the almond-praline is not overwhelming sweet despite the extra brown sugar coating. 
Super crunchy, not greasy at all. Perhaps one of the best croissant for now as it beats the one from Echire Between the Quiche Jamon Fromage and Quiche Tomato Basil , I chose Tomato Basil ¥525.Served warm, the savoury custard was so soft, wobbly and slightly cheesy. I did not miss my ham because the taste was divine. The Cravatte ¥336 is a soft brioche that is sandwiched with custard and chocolate chip then baked together. The result is a very soft cakey type of bread that is very tender. 
Mumupis ムムピス¥630
The cakes are quite pricy but the quality is above average.  It is a Pistachio Mousse with Coconut Dacquoise Creme Beurre And Fraise Rhubarb Confiture with alcohol.  
Noel Normande (¥766) is Caramel Cream, Green Apple Mousse filled with apple compote inside, Galette Base and surrounded with crunchy walnuts. (X'mas special item)
Galette base is alright but the mousse tastes slightly stiff.  This place has no links to any bakeries in France yet the food, the design and the ambience makes it resembles an authentic French bistro more than true French bakeries like Gontran CherrierWith such a good experience with the bread and cakes, I'll be back to try the bistro food and breakfast specials.
Recommendations: All kind of bread especially the Praline Croissant 

Viron Boulangerie ブラッスリー・ヴィロン 丸の内店
Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 1F. 
Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo
Open 10am-9pm daily 
Lunch 11.30am-2pm
Cafe Time 2pm-5.30pm
Dinner 6pm-11.30pm

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  1. Not sure what happened but I'm at the Shibuya branch eating a praliné and it is stale and uninspiring. I've had better supermarket croissants. Perhaps they're best in the AM...

    1. Hi,
      I am shocked to hear about the lousy quality. I haven't try any pastries except for the cake at the Shibuya outlet. Well, nvm....there are plenty of other good croissants for u to explore!

    2. There sure are! Though now I'm in Kyoto. But I would say you probably want to stick to the other branch for sure. :-) At any rate, thanks for all the other great tips.


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