Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kyomachi Koi Shigure 町家和食 京町恋しぐれ

One thing great about Tokyo is that you can enjoy food from all prefectures and Kyoto cuisine is one of the few highly regarded traditional food besides Edo Cuisine. 
While it is not difficult to find Kyoto cuisine in Tokyo, few would go all the way to transport you literally, to Kyoto like Kyomachi Koi Shigure. The name can be translated into "In Love with Kyoto Streets" and the elaborate decor definitely evokes the charming nostalgic ambience of Kyoto Streets at night. 
Old School Signboards
The food falls somewhere in between izakaya and traditional Kyoto cuisine and the price is pretty reasonable. Take for example the winter hotpot. This is the minimum order of 2 pax (1780 yen per pax) but it was sufficient for 4 if you are ordering other food. Customers can top up with extra orders of seafood, vegetables, rice or noodles, etc.
Since Kyoto waters is known to produce excellent tofu, it is not surprising that soy milk is the base for this hotpot. Plenty of vegetables sweeten the broth and one can empty the entire claypot without feeling thirsty after the meal. Even the name of this hotpot makes one feel that one can becomes as beautiful as Maiko San
岩手県清流鶏と旬野菜の美白舞妓豆乳鍋  (¥1780 per pax)
Another highlight of this soup besides the tofu is the Seiryu chicken from Iwate Prefecture. They are raised on special feed after they reached 24 days. This is so tender that you can compare it to kampung chicken
Before you start the meal, you will be served an appetiser of Kyoto Tofu with Wakame Seaweed in a brown opaque sauce that is brimming with umami goodness. 

What a beautiful sight! 
祇園の夜は豪遊のっけ寿司 (1800) is a plate of mini sushi rolls topped with volcanic amount of premium ingredients like sea urchin, raw maguro, crab and fish eggs. 
Looking at the overflowing amount of ingredients nearly make me nosebleed. Every bite was like eating GOLD.
Tables for larger groups

舞妓さんの巻き寿司 (¥1080) 
Maiko san's makisushi contains shrimp, sakura and yellow gourd wrapped in a thin egg crepe. This looks pale in comparison to the previous sushi but this has an extra sweetness and crunchiness. It seems that the chefs love to spam flying fish roe which can overwhelm the sushi at times. Nonetheless, this is highly suitable for kids (and of course adults). 
Recreating the scenes of outdoor dining along Kamo River, Kyoto. Diners can enjoy their meals on the upper deck.

While this Kyoto theme restaurant is also opened by the same company who owns Alice in Wonderland theme restaurant, the quality of the food here is better than  Alice in Magic Land Shinjuku though we did not try the desserts. On the day of our visit, we could hear Christmas songs played with the traditional Kyoto Shamisen in the background and that was very entertaining. 

Ambience-check. Food-check. Price-check. In short, this is a highly recommended place to impress your guests, family and date. 

Kyomachi Koi Shigure Shinjuku
町家和食 京町恋しぐれ
Musashino Building 6F, 3-27-20 
Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022 (5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit)
Tel. 03-5360-7644
Tues-Sat/Eve of PH 5pm-4am
Sun-Mon 5pm-11pm
Other outlets: Shibuya, Gion Kyoto
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  1. Wah... another luxurious feed! So happy for you!

    1. haha thanks. actually this meal was especially meaningful and enjoyable because i had it with my family who came visiting recently :)

  2. wow, the winter hotpot looks good! You are so lucky to be based in Japan!

    I followed u in instagram for sometime already. It is only today that I realised that you have a blog too! Added you into my blog (list of overseas food blogs). can add me in yours too? =)

    1. haha...alamak. i thought you know i had a blog already. lol..never mind. it's never too late :) sure of cos i'll add u on the blog list

    2. your blog is so useful for those visiting japan (free & easy)!

    3. thank you very much for your encouragement:) will work hard to discover and share more interesting food places!

  3. omg the food look so good and thank for the introduction. Can I go and visit u too?

    1. haha you are most absolutely welcome. Drop me a message when you come visiting! We can go explore more great food together :)

  4. Do you remember if they had an English menu here?


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