Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baker & Cook Singapore

Whizzed into this shop hidden amidst the private housing estate in Bukit Timah for their almond croissant, only to find out that they were sold out. Run by Global Baker Dean Brettschneider- New Zealand celebrity baker and cookbook author, Baker & Cook adds to the list of artisan bakeries that sprouted on our local shores in the last few years. 

So back to the croissant story, their plain butter croissant did not look appealing and thus I opted for the Cinnamon Swirl ($3.50) since they are of the same croissant dough. I am not too sure if the plain croissant usurped the TBB throne, but this one was light, flaky and satisfying. 
But the Chinese 5-spice Chocolate Macaron ($2.50) scores points for creativity but not for texture. Meantime, the Canele ($3) did not pass muster for the dry interior and one can find definitely spot better ones elsewhere.
Similarly, the Milllefeuille ($5) was disappointing. The custard was too gluey and had an synthetic vanilla smell. The sheer amount of filling was too heavy for the wilted paper-thin puff pastry to handle. 
But it was not all too bad when it comes to the lemon tart ($5). In fact, it was the best, thanks to the buttery and crumbly pastry shell with occasions sparkles of salts. The creamy lemon interior had the right balance of tartness and sweetness. A strong contender against TBB's lemon tart. 
The carrot cake ($4.70)was pretty outstanding as it was not overpowered with spices and nuts. The cake with fresh shredded carrots nestling inside, was cushiony and not as dense as it looks. But more cream cheese frosting would be ideal.
The caramel brownie ($5) was mediocre; brownie veers towards a cake but the gooey caramel sauce was robust enough (might be too sweet for some) to make up for the taste. 
I spot an Italian favourite--a custard bombilini, or simply donuts filled with cream or raspberry jam ($3.30). Though the custard cream was the same as their Millefeuille, this would brighten your day without going too crazy with sugar. For something to nibble, Baker & Cook has a range of cookies, granolas, nuts and jams. I managed to grab a pack of classic shortbread ($5.90) and it was heavenly rich. 

Many people come here for brunch and savoury meals, including Turkish Pita bread that is good with their 3 different hummus. But as for now, I think their pastries are sufficient for me. With the location not easily within reach by MRT, I would probably return when I meet a Good Samaritan who can give me a car ride. 

Baker & Cook 
77 Hillcrest Road
Singapore 288951 
Tel: 6469 8834
Sun-Thur, 7am-8pm
Fri and Sat 8am-10pm

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  1. The carrot cake looks really good! Eh.. how do u maintain your slim figure though u always do food review ah? ;p

    1. haha...the carrot cake is really not bad if I could still remember the taste :P lol...perhaps eat in moderation and share the calories, for instance the food here was shared with 2 other people, though I usually kope the largest share..hehe~ ^_^


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