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Grand Hyatt Tokyo Christmas Cakes 2013 : Share the Love

Christmas is always a big festive event in Japan and it is common for department stores, hotels and individual pastry shops to roll out their Christmas goodies way in advance. This year, Grand Hyatt will be offering 10 indulgent cakes to mark the milestone year of the hotel's tenth anniversary. But besides indulging in festive treats, X'mas is also a season of sharing the love to people around you. The Love Tree takes center stage as a charity Christmas Tree adorned with heart-shaped ornaments. 
Each ornament costs ¥500 and this is part of the various ongoing promotions that aimed to raise funds for the children of Tohoku through the Kids Earth Fund programme
So what's Kids Earth Fund all about? Founded in 1988, it runs on a very innovative idea of "Kids helping Kids" through the medium of children's art. KIDS EARTH FUND supports children throughout the world who suffer from the results of war, poverty and environmental contamination.  A Christmas Charity Cookie (¥600) printed with children's artwork is also available as individual package or in Christmas hamper.  At the media preview session, delicious canapés and hot food by the hotel's banquet team were served. The food might not be related to the Christmas theme but the quality is so excellent that they deserved to be mentioned.  Scallops on Potato Mash in Black Truffle Sauce topped with Black Truffles 
Uni Custard 
This cherry look-alike is actually a ball of Foie Gras!
Lobster Meat with Cream Cheese
A Pot Pie with black fillings of mushrooms and prawn
One never expect that this crab roll draped in avocado sauce actually contains Green Apples!
Tender Pink Beef with Grated Ginger and Porcini Mushrooms
Salmon Tartare with Black Caviar in a refreshing lemon dressing 
Roast Beef with Cranberries and Roasted Potatoes. A very christmas dish indeed!  
Returning to the Christmas Cakes, they were created by award-winning chef Okazaki Masahi. He clinched the prestigious top award in a 2012 International Pastry Competition "Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie", beating strong contenders from Swiss (2nd place) and France (3rd place) 
One of the new item is this Buche De Noel : Bitter Chocolate Mousse, Orange Cream and Crunchy Hazelnut Base ¥10,000 (Limited to 80 sets) 
Cross Section of Buche De Noel
Highly recommended as it is not too heavy and boasts multiple textures! Christmas Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) ¥3800 Made with the premium chestnuts from Kumamoto, the cream has preserved the natural sweetness of flavour of the chestnuts. This stands head and shoulder over many good chestnut tarts in Tokyo. 
Berry Pudding 12cm/¥3500
A Brioche Wall soaked with mixed fruit syrup of red wine, orange juice and raspberries. 
NEW Strawberry Mousseline 12cm/¥3800
Buttercream and Custard Cream Cake Topped with Strawberries and Wrapped with Strawberry Meringue Sticks. 
Cross Section of Strawberry Mousseline
This might be easily confused with Strawberry Shortcake but is actually a classic French Cake "Fraise"
NEW Fruit Tart 12cm/3800cm The Strawberry Short Cake 12cm/¥4200, 15cm/¥6000, one of the all-time popular cakes at Grand Hyatt. 

Chocolate Chantily Cake 12cm/¥4200, 15cm/¥6000
For the cheese lovers, there is the Ricotta Cheese Tart topped with Petite Cream Puffs 12cm/¥3800

And a personal favorite of mine besides the Buche De Noel is this Caramel Dome 12cm/¥3800. Sable Base, Caramel Mousse, Almond Sponge, Cream Beurre, Rum-soaked Raisin.
But if I were to pick one that surprised me, it would be the mango trifles. The sturdy ring around the mangoes is not chocolate but biscuit! Inside the crunchy wall is layers of sponge and chantily cream.

The mango trifles are part of the Florentina Natale Assort ¥6000, which includes half-sized strawberry shortcake and a chocolate ganache cake.  
Besides the regular cakes, there are also various assorted Christmas Hampers and traditional Christmas Bread such as Panettone, Stollen and Baumkuchen on sale at Florentina Pastry Boutique.  

If you are staying in Tokyo this holiday, why not pick a cake and share them with your loved ones?  

Fiorentina Pastry Boutique (1F) 
フィオレンティーナ ペストリーブティック 
Reservation 1 Nov-8 Dec 
Pick Up Dates 16-25 Dec 
Bread on sale from 1 Nov-25 Dec
For more info:

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