Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The taste of inflight meals can be quite predictable or rather unappetizing due to the high altitude. And often they are heavily seasoned than the usual meals.
And so,ordering the hanakoireki meal offered on board a flight can be quite daunting as one can't imagine what will be served but yet one aspect that can be assured is the variety and the number of ingredients used.

The Japanese meal is divided into two sections , the first layer or box is called Ichi no jyu , consisting of all cold dishes.
In kaiseki cuisine, the first dish would be called 先付.here, it consists of grilled eggplant,simmered octopus and baby ladyfingers(okra)
酢の物、vinegared dish of grilled eel oshizushi, bayberry simmered in red wine(the small red ball at the top right hand corner) , sweet pickled myoga ginger
強肴: egg roll with grilled eel, salmon roll with cucumber
面:粗面somen noodles with garnishes
The noodles were fine and smooth but the piece of fish was rather tough.

二の重: a mixture of warm n cold dishes (I find this more tasty than the first box)

八寸:steamed pike eel,pike eel roll with kelp,taro potato,sweet prawn and edamame

炊合せ:simmered winter melon,carrot flower,green beans,pumpkin,minced shrimp
口取り:南蛮漬けhorse mackerel,grilled leek , grated radish with sweet vinegar
焼き物: grilled flounder w crusted egg yolk, marinated white gourd
ご飯:steamed rice with sweet ayu(fish) and soybeans
止め腕:red miso soup (surprisingly intense but not salty)
dessert: yuzu mousse with berry sauce

The pictures are listed according to the menu and I guess that is also the order to eat the dish and they are usually served separately and not placed together at one go in a box. Indeed not only a visually appealing but appetite-satisfying kaiseki meal!

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