Wednesday, February 15, 2012

无奇不有之饼干系列:Cookie Jelly? Pancake Cookie?

Cafe Jelly Cookie from the Fujiya Country Ma'am series
How can we insert a soft jelly into a hard cookie, pack it into a bag and sell it off as a snack that can last several months? Here, there is the coffee jelly cookie, something which many might heard of it for the first time. It is interesting to observe how the food scientists here invent something out from the good ol' cookie by also combining it with other flavours.
the black cubes are bitter coffee jelly. The dark brown slightly melted ones are the chocolate chips. Amazing how the cookie does not become soft with the presence of jelly. Though it is not the hardest/crispiest cookie, it is at least not the soft chewy kind.
Hotcake Cookie (Crispy on the outside, melty inside) from Country Ma'am
the package suggest serving this hot by putting it in the microwave for few seconds.

I did as I was told and I burnt a few of them. These above are the surviving ones. The hot cookies really smell heavenly immediately after they are warmed up in the oven. After trying them both warm and cold, the difference is just the texture but taste is still the same. So it depends on whether one likes their cookie chewier or crispier. However, apart from the smell, the hotcake taste is not very distinct. Sweeter than the coffee jelly cookie.
McVities Uji Matcha Digestive Cookies[Petite series]
McVities is a brand of digestive cookies that are also retailed in Singapore supermarkets. Here, they belonged to Meiji Company and the company has produced petite versions of the digestive cookie with a Japanese twist-matcha.
those who often baked cheesecake will definitely know the McVities digestive brand. 
Cocoa digestive biscuits sandwiched with uji matcha cream.
With 7 pieces in a pack, this is definitely great as an snack. The matcha cream is not sweet at all, and so are the cocoa digestive biscuits. But I would have expected the matcha accent to be stronger. 

Fujiya Peko Crunchy Cookie Series (Using Hokkaido Milk)
Fujiya Peko is actually a brand that is 家喻户晓 here and I have grown to like the snacks with the face of the cute girl.

As written on the package, the cookie is different from the Country Ma'am series as it is really crunchy, Fujiya Peko has only this version and another white chocolate cookie pack. Not shown from the picture, there are actually white milky bits in the centre. Less sweet than the Country Ma'am cookies even though belonged to the Fujiya Company. The buttery aroma stands out here.

Kitkat Petit Series- Strawberry Hazelnut
Well, this is an another food inventor that comes up with any flavour you can imagine every now and then

Not particularly fabulous though. Coated with strawberry chocolate and sandwiched with hazelnuts filling instead of the usual wafers. But hazelnut fillings is not a bad alternative than the classic wafer filling and reminds one of the hazelnut rocher.

With so many new flavours coming up each week, it is impressive how the snack industry here relentlessly attempts to satisfy the picky tastebuds of consumers. One can't help but look forward to the constant surprises at the convenience stores.

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