Sunday, September 11, 2011

最初の食事:Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

From now on, most of the entries will cover the food in Tokyo. Saizeriya is an Italian-Japanese restaurant that  not only has franchises all over Japan but also in Singapore. Their range of food are typically those found on a Italian restaurant but at a much more affordable price. However, the selection here is slightly more than the menu in Singapore based on the last visit at its Liang Court branch.

Corn Cream Soup コーンクリームスープ 149円 (139kcal)
Flavour of wholesome sweet corn. This was good to go along with the foccacia-the shop's signature bread (below)

Foccacia フォッカちオ109円 (236 kcal)

Doria with Meat Sauce and Soft Boil Egg半熟卵のミラノ風ドリア 368円 (600kcal)
Another popular choice especially for egg lovers who cannot resist the runny egg yolk

Spinach Gratin 249 円 (218kcal) 
It has been said that the spinach is baked with that secret white sauce. This is the healthiest version on their doria menu and the most popular choice is the meat doria.
Spaghetti Carbonara カボナーラ499 円 (717kcal)

Hamburg Steak With Sausage & Baconミックスグリル 559 円 (710 kcal)

 Ice Tiramisu and Italian Custard Pudding プリンとティラミスの盛り合わせ399 円 (293kcal)

This was rated as the most popular choice and it was indeed not too bad. The custard pudding was quite sweet but the caramel sauce was just right to balance the sweetness. However, the texture of the pudding could be more velvety.
However, the Tiramisu was really light and whiter in colour too as compared to the typical ones we see. Yet the coffee liquor inside was sufficient to give a punch. A surprise find for the price.

Truffle Ice Cream 369 円 (195 kcal)
Good to have it during a hot summer. This was quite average ice cream that leans towards a mousse texture. Belgian Chocolate was used here but the hazelnuts that was added into it could not be detected.

With a milk ice cream hidden within the chocolate ice cream

Mango Gelato 189 円 (75 kcal)

In short, this is a casual dining place that can host large groups of gathering at a very affordable price.

Outlets all over Japan
Click here for details and menu :

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