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ポタジエPotager: Vegetables Cakes, Anyone? 「おいしいだけでなく、食べた人が健康になれる料理やスイーツ」

Cakes are known to be extremely unhealthy but can we have both health and cakes at the same time? Potager might be the answer to it. Potager means "Family Vegetable Garden" in French. It is opened by this pretty lady chef 柿沢安耶 who believes in serving delicious, but yet nutritious cakes to everyone.

After studying French cuisine in university, she opened her first organic vegetables cafe in 2003 (now defunct). Later on in 2006, she opened the world's first vegetable cake shop in Meguro, which is still the only shop that features organic vegetables as their main ingredients. 柿沢さん not only wishes to pursue the goal of  making healthy cakes but also those that will taste delicious. The shop is extremely stringent in selecting the freshest seasonal agricultural produce but also safety-guaranteed ingredients like the flour, the organic eggs and beet sugar.

グリーンショート トマト 
Green Shortcake with Tomato
小松菜 is used for the sponge layer and tomatoes in replace of strawberries

This is the most popular cake in the shop and it actually tasted very similar to our strawberry shortcake but is less sweet for the sponge layer. It only smells like vegetable but does not the vegetable taste is not too strong and thus is easily acceptable. I would prefer this to a strawberry shortcake.( Available all year round)

Lemon & Beetroot Tart
The red filling is actually beetroot added with lemon and thus the tart is very sour. However, the tart shell is not the usual buttery pastry tart but actually has a very rustic smell. Perhaps a lot of sesame seeds were grinded into powder and added in the process of making the tart shell. It certainly lacks the buttery fragrance but still taste exactly crunchy and not sweet at all.  

Besides the cakes, it also has a wide range of baked goods that can be good for snacks.
Quinoa Chocolate Cookie 
The little tiny bits all over the top is actually quinoa, a type of grain like crop( i.e rice) that is extremely high in nutrition value. 
This cookie comes 3 in a bag and does not taste like our usual cookies. It is made up of a base purple sweet potato biscuit and covered in milk chocolate ganache topped with quinoa. This is a lot less sweet and some might not be used to it. However, as a cookie, it is still crunchy.Quinoa is more nutritious than our normal cereal and originated from Spain.

Soba Cookies  with Black Beans and Kinako( Soy ) 
No eggs or dairy used
This biscuit comes 7 in a packet for 490 Yen but each one is as big as a senbei cracker. They might appear ugly but actually the biscuit has a nutty, rustic flavour to it. Adults especially health conscious women might like this but perhaps not children.

Vegetables Sable
Eight different kinds of vegetables used( 小松菜,onion,purple sweet potato,Matsuma Imo,Carrot,Pumpkin, Burdock Root,Ginger)

Soy Sponge Cake with Edamame Cream Cheese Cream ( white layer) & Sencha cream( green)
Seasonal Limited Edition Cake 
This was the last piece when I visited and they only make 80 pieces of it. The cake uses organiだだちゃ豆 from the Yamagata Prefecture, and organic sencha from Shizuoka. Compared to the normal edamame, this type has a unique sweetness to it and thus is considered the cream of the crop. However, though the taste of vegetables is evident here, the sponge cake was a little tough and dry as compared to its signature green shortcake.
Summer~Autumn Limited Edition
Eggplant Tarte Tartin 
Caramelized Eggplant with sweet potato sour cream on top of a crunchy puff pastry base
This was a very creative and delicious twist to our usual apple tart tartin. The base is extremely crunchy and not too buttery. The eggplant piles up like a hill and the taste of caramelized eggplant was surprisingly good, Not too sweet but yet soft. Those that hate eggplants might like this without knowing that it is eggplant. To contrast the taste, the sweet potato mash has been mixed with sour cream and so the overall tart has achieved a wonderful balance.

the exterior of the shop available for dining (usually taken up very quickly)
The signboard : with 5 mini cream puffs of different veggie cream

Seasonal Cakes like Green Asparagus Mousse Cake, Veggie Roll Cake.....

In short, it is not difficult to find delicious and world class cakes in Tokyo, but it is rare to find such a shop that has such a clear cut concept that is different from the rest. A highly recommended place to visit. 


〒153-0051 東京都目黒区上目黒2-44-9
10:00 - 20:00 年中無休(L.O. 19:30) 
東急東横線・東京メトロ日比谷線中目黒駅より徒歩5分。(Nearest Station: Meguro)

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