Saturday, September 24, 2011

日本橋古都里Kotori: 稲庭うどん

日本橋古都里 is a restaurant that sells 稲庭うどん (their most famous dishes) , tempura and seasonal fresh seafood. The place has bar tables and the usual tables, which makes it appear to be like an izakaya. 稲庭うどん is one of the top 3 type of udons in Japan and it originates from Akita Prefecture from the 寛文 period. The main shop is located at Nihonbashi and hence the name but we went to the only branch at Tokyo Station.

梅肉おろしめかぶうどん 950円
 Plum with grated daikon( white mound) , wakame stalk (green)
A light & refreshing cold noodles which has a slippery texture. めかぶ is actually a type of seaweed but the google translation is wakame leaves near the stalk, which I am not very sure whether it is 100% correct. Nonetheless, めかぶ can be easily found in packages in any supermarket here.

Compared to the usual fat white udon,  稲庭うどん (Inaniwa Udon) is thinner and yellowish. Looks like flat rice noodle, or the Thai pad thai and the Chinese thin kway teow.
The udon is made by hand without any vegetable shortening and dried later on. I actually prefer this noodle to the usual fat udon as the texture is smooth. 

きんぴらごぼう 550円
Strings of burdock root and carrot fried and boiled down in sugar and soy sauce. Hence, this dish is sweet but crunchy.
平目の昆布メ 1350円
平目 is a kind of flounder/halibut/sole. As reflected in the photo, the fish is a white meat type of fish and is translucent. 
Less fatty and more chewy than the meguro sashimi

新秋刀魚塩焼き 1050円
Salt Grilled Sanma (Pacific Saury) Fish
This fish tasted really fresh and the amount of salt was just right.The skin was crispy and the fish is quite an oily one itself, but not due to the cooking technique. 

Sitting from the bar table allows one to have a full view of what the chefs were doing. For example, we can see how they handle the fish and prepare the noodles, taking care of every little details including of course, the presentation.

〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1

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