Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ブルガリイル・カフェ BVLGARI IL BAR : The ultimate indulgence

I used to think that BVLGARI is only a luxury fashion brand and has nothing to do with food. But in fact, it owns hotels and restaurants. Right in the Omotesando Hills, it has opened a cafe cum restaurant cum chocolate boutique. The cafe is located just above its shop on level 2.
Surprisingly, the place was a lot less intimidating than the luxury shop downstairs. There were many people dining there and the mood was very relaxing. Hence, dining here is not as uptight as expected.
Meals in Obentos: A place for savoury food as well
The cafe serves lunch and dinner. If you go for their value meals, they serve them in obento boxes, they even came up with a dessert obento box, where you can sample petite sizes of cakes and chocolates.
Of course, it is best to not miss their desserts and chocolates 
The chocolate boutique 
Once you have stepped in the cafe, the mysterious boutique greets you. Seldom do we get to see such nicely decorated walls that feels vintage. A minimum of 3 pieces of chocolates is required for takeaway. The price of the chocolates exceeds Godiva and is by far the most expensive ones I've seen. 1 for 600 Yen and there are also the other series which goes 1 for 1000/1200 Yen

Of course, once you've stepped in, remember to visit the toilet too. The toilet seat closes and opens automatically and look at the glowing blue light from the toilet bowl!
The window seat was really a good spot to enjoy the scenery and escape from the hustle & bustle
Chocolate Fondant with Yuzu and Matcha Ice Cream
Ordered this after reading about the blog entry by another food blogger.The chocolate fondant was warm and literally covered with big shards of gold and not just simply gold dust. The portion was disappointing for the price of 1500 Yen but dining here is also part of consuming the brand "Bvlgari" as well as the presentation style. The matcha ice cream was very smooth and not too sweet. However, the weak point is that it melts way too easily.  
The chocolate lava was tangy due to the presence of Yuzu
BVLGARI's Chocolate Sundae
Chocolate Ice cream, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Some cherry confiture, and crispy almond biscuits 
This was not on the menu online and hence I' ve ordered it. Though it may seem like just another sundae, the quality of this entire dessert was one of the best sundaes I've eaten. Each of the component tasted very good on its own and what more can I say if they are combined as one here. Ice Creams here are also home made but not too sweet. 
Memorable Sundae with a hint of spices
One can get multiple textures from this Sundae as there is not only the almond croquant shards but also cube-shaped almond crumbles which is way better than just simply pairing corn flakes or sponge cakes with ice cream. Below the chocolate scoop of ice cream sits the sour cherry thing that gives that instant booze. There is an aftertaste of spices (cardamon & black pepper i think) which sets the taste apart from the rest.

After the meal, here comes the bill but placed in such a nice card folder.
It was indeed an unforgetable dining experience here and would highly recommend this place in Tokyo. 
 渋谷区神宮前5-10-1 2F
Gyre 2F 5-10-1 - Jingumae, Shibuya-ku - Tokyo 150-0001


  1. Hi, Just want to leave a quick comment saying that it is NOT a typo error (it is an official website after all). When the word 'BVLGARI' is written in capital letter they used V because that is the official name and how it is spelled. However, when it is written with lowercase it become 'Bulgari' like how it is pronounced. I used to work for the company, just fyi :)

    1. Hello, thanks for the info! Never knew about that! I will make the necessary changes:)


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