Tuesday, June 28, 2011

抹茶旋风 席卷而来


Mr Ito Langue De Chat
Uji Green Tea Cream Sandwich Langue De Chat Cookies
ミスターイトウ ラングリー宇治抹茶クリームサンド
Best Packaging

This product was out in Japan on March 7th 2011.  Really impressed with the Japanese. They had a full pdf file to explain this product. 白色恋人的绿茶版本。Unlike the Santoritsu Langue De Chat below, the biscuit layer maintains its original taste and colour. Only the cream has changed to matcha flavour. This biscuit is harder in texture and thus less fragile.

"抹茶クリームは香り高い宇治抹茶を使用し、まろやかに仕上げました。上質なラングドシャクッキー生地はきめ細やかで、口どけを楽しんでいただけます。宇治抹茶の風味と生地の甘さがうまく調和した一品です。" as described on the package.

Santoritsu Couque D'asses
14 individually packed biscuits
Best Taste
Although the packaging may not be as good as Mr Ito's, this is more superior in its taste. It has a stronger buttery flavour and its green tea cream is not that sweet.
口溶けの良いラングドシャになめらかな抹茶チョコレトをサンドしました。This is what i call melt in the mouth texture. In fact, there is no need to go after the super famous 白色恋人when we can get such good ones at much much cheaper prices. I suddenly realised that this is a good way to learn Japanese too.

Bourbon Petit Series Matcha Langue De Chat
Best Value for Pocket
This is the last Matcha Langue De Chat version that I've found. Its the cheapest amongst all and I think its quite value for money. This cookie has a duller yellowish colour than the previous ones but its rather fragile and crumbly still.

Although they are all Langue De Chats, its interesting to note that they are called differently in Japanese Katakana.

Bourbon Matcha Milk Mochi
( 4 pieces x 2)

我不喜欢一般土产店收卖的mochi ,因为糯米皮太厚了,而且馅料很乏味,不是红豆、芝麻就是豆沙。被其包装吸引,决定试看看这个日本零食老手如何改变他们自家的传统mochi。

This is rather sweet, compared to the biscuits but it is really soft and chewy. Best eaten unrefrigerated

Bourbon Elise Matcha Cream & White Cream Wafer
(25 pieces of each flavour)
Have you noticed that the packaging of the traditional white cream wafer has changed?
The Cross-Section: A childhood favourite
This is not a langue de chat cookie but I like the fact that its rice wafer remains crispy anytime you consume it. I remember that Pretty Mum used to buy it for me when I was young. She herself enjoyed it too. But it has been ages since there is a new flavour. Oh yeah, the other time there was the boysenberry flavour if I remembered correctly. Would not compare this with the above langue de chat since they are different. The white cream version still taste the same but the matcha ones did not really had a strong green tea flavour.

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